Fee Structure


First Year Second Year Third Year
Rs.4100/- Rs.5100/- Rs.6100/-


First Year Second Year Third Year
Rs.5100/- Rs.6100/- Rs.7110/-
Per subject Rs. 500 additional fee will be payable for practical

D.Pharma / B.Pharma

As per the orders of AICTE, AKTU, PCI, BTE, PNP & Univercity/State Government


First Year Second Year
Rs.51,250/- Rs.30,000/-
Under Government Order


Rs.41000/- Per Year


Rs.8000/- Per Semester

B.A. LL.B.

Rs.8000/- Per Semester

Uttar Pradesh Rajarshi Tandon Open University

B.A. - Rs.4500/- B.Lib. - Rs.9500/- B.Sc. - Rs.8000/- B.Com - Rs.5000/-
BCA - Rs.13000/- BBA - Rs.10000/- MA All Subject - Rs.8500/- M.Com - Rs.8000/-
MLIS - Rs.15000/- M.J. - Rs.8500/- M.Sc. - Rs.9000/- CCCN - Rs.2200/-
CHR - Rs.2200/- CCY - Rs.4200/- CRJMC - Rs.2200/- CCC - Rs.5700/-
CGS - Rs.3200/- CGST - Rs.2600/- DHEN - Rs.4200/- DRD - Rs.4200/-
DCDN - Rs.5200/- DECE - Rs.4200/- DYS - Rs.5200/-
University development fee will be payable extra.